About Robert Taurosa

Robert Taurosa is the founder and CEO of the Ideal Life Agency located in Manasquan, New Jersey. The purpose of the Ideal Life Agency is to assist high-profile clients in finding the absolute perfect life insurance policy that suits their needs. From term to whole insurance, there isn’t anything that Robert’s agency can not handle. The Ideal Life Agency also specializes in life settlements. Not to be confused with life insurance, a life settlement is when a policyholder sells their existing life insurance policy to a buyer. Life settlements can be the perfect solution for a variety of reasons, however they are typically used by policyholders who either do not need a life insurance policy anymore or cannot afford to pay their premiums. Whatever the reason for your visit, Robert Taurosa and his expert team of agents will ensure that you are taken care of.Robert Taurosa Profile Photo

Because of his years of professional experience, dedication to his craft, client communication skills and fantastic leadership ability, Robert has led his company to new heights of success, making it one of the most respected and trusted life insurance agencies in the Eastern New Jersey area. Robert truly believes in looking out for his clients’ best interests.

Robert Taurosa is also the general manager of RPM Auto Sales USA. Robert has always been a fanatic of automobiles and America’s prominent car culture. And so, with the business experience he had gained from Ideal Life Agency and his background and love of cars, Robert went on to found RPM Auto Sales USA. Similar to the Ideal Life Agency, Robert’s expertise in the automotive industry, sales background and client communication skills has led RPM to become a highly successful used car dealership. The dealership does not exclusively deal in the US; in fact, they regularly ship to customers in both Canada and Europe. With its gorgeous, sprawling, 6-acre facility and inventory of hundreds of cars and trucks, RPM Auto Sales is certainly one of New Jersey’s finest dealerships.

And although Robert Taurosa is an exceptional leader and businessman who can successfully manage two separate companies, he also enjoys his free time and hobbies. Unsurprisingly, Robert loves cars and he can usually be found immersing himself in the world of automobiles; everything from the newest technology to the latest model of car intrigues Robert. He can also be found spending quality time with his family in his New Jersey hometown.

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