What is Health IQ?

Health IQ has introduced an innovative idea that transformed the life insurance market. Established in 2013, the company advocates for health consciousness in the process of providing insurance.


This change in mindset highlights the importance of taking charge of managing one’s health and none of the hassle of proving the necessity of paying for better insurance rates. Health IQ provides an incentive to the client to continue living healthy by offering savings anywhere from 4 to 33 percent. As a licensed company across 50 states, Healthy IQ partners with Assurity, SBLI & Ameritas, and global reinsurer Swiss Re in implementing a more health-responsive underwriting process.


Through this program, individuals who take care of themselves, eat a balanced diet and lead an active lifestyle pay less and generate savings. Even those with preexisting conditions like diabetes and heart disease, who have overcome their illness through positive health choices, can still get a fair rate.


Munjal Shah, Co-Founder and CEO of Health IQ, in a press release, mentioned what the company pushes for, “We believe the best way to change the world’s health is to celebrate the health conscious rather than harass the people who aren’t.”


Health IQ developed their concept based on data generated from research. They found out that runners have a 50 percent lower risk of dying from heart diseases, and that vegetarians are less prone to develop colorectal cancer, among other findings. Through a combination of these studies and findings, Health IQ found out that there is a 41 percent lower mortality rate for the health conscious.


Qualifying for the reduced insurance rates involves a process where the client has to score the ideal rate on a Health IQ test with 30 random questions. Verification of the individual’s fitness regimen through an app is also part of the requirements. As an example, the app registers the number of running or cycling miles the individual registers on a certain period. The qualifications also take into consideration other active lifestyle choices, such as the individual’s participation in a yoga and exercise program on a regular basis.


Mainstream life insurance policies rarely give importance on health consciousness. With Health IQ, individuals who live healthy reap the rewards of their positive life choices by paying better prices for insurance and earning savings. Even those who have conquered certain health conditions or have taken healthy preventative steps to address a family medical history are recognized for their efforts through a better rate.

What is Health IQ?

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